The Mission Task

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Are you ready to begin? 

To start this WebQuest, you need to choose another explorer to join you on this Search and Rescue mission. The two of you will be required to closely work together as a team on this mission.

Working together with your partner, you are to choose a space craft and select suitable supplies for this search and rescue mission. Your objective is to follow the missing astronaut's flight path using clues they have left behind, searching the Solar System to locate the missing discovery team.

Throughout the mission you are to document your journey in your space Log Book with details of your own flight path,  and record information on the different planets and other space elements you come across. You are required to keep in contact with your Space Commander (your teacher) regularly to inform her of your progress and safety.

 Once you have located the missing discovery     crew you are to ensure their health and safety and provide them with a replacement communications device to restore their contact to Earth, before returning to Earth yourself. You will then provide your Space Commander with your Log Book, where you will be assessed not only on the success of your mission but the quality of your work.

If you would like to see the assessment Rubric go to the evaluation page, or for a printable version click here.

Once this WebQuest is completed each of you will be using the information you gather during the journey in one of the following ways:

1. design and present to the class, a PowerPoint presentation on one element of our Solar System or an element of space travel using a variety of different media.


2. design a poster or other display about a element of our Solar System or space travel and present it to the class using a variety of different media.


3. design a creative way of presenting the information about an element of our Solar System or space travel and present it to the class using a variety of different media. (some hints- you may want to do a solar system model, or even make a cake. The possibilities are endless. Be creative!)


 Good Luck! May the force be with you!


 Click here to prepare for your mission process.


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