Mission Conclusion

Well done Space Explorers on a successful mission!

You are finally home after such a long time in Space. Did you enjoy your time as an astronaut? 

 If you want to view a clip of a NASA Space Shuttle landing click the arrow on the video above.

Mission Control, your Space Commander and classmates are anxious to hear all about the information you discovered on your planet adventure, but before you hand in your Log Book- have a look at the information in your Log Book that you discovered about our Solar System and space travel.

Did you find out any interesting facts about the different planets?

Is life able to be sustained on any other planets?

Which one is the biggest and smallest planet in our Solar System?

Which planet spins backward compared to the other planets?

Did you discover why Pluto is not considered a planet anymore?

Which planet has the highest and lowest temperature?

How long is a day, or even a year on the different planets?

What were the planets named after?

What did you learn about astronauts, life in space, or spacecraft?


You may like to write down the answers to some of these questions on the final page of your Log Book.

Now you have completed this WebQuest you can start to think  about how you will be using the information you gathered during your mission into space. You can choose to do one of the following tasks:

1. to design and present to the class, a PowerPoint presentation on one element of our Solar System or an element of space travel using a variety of different media.


2. To design a poster or other display about a element of our Solar System or space travel and present it to the class, using a variety of different media.


3. To design a creative way of presenting the information you found and present it to the class, using a variety of different media. (some hints- you may want to do a solar system model, or even make a cake. The possibilities are endless. Be creative!)

 If you want to find out more information, you could go back to all the websites and have another look at our Solar System. On the next Space Mission you may want to explore further- the other elements in our galaxy we call the Milky Way, or to see other galaxies, to find out a star's life cycle, or what a black holes is, or even what it is like to land on our moon! What would you like to find out about space?

Write your ideas down on the final page of your Log Book and we will explore them together as a class. Below is some websites where you can learn more about space, or play some cool games or activities all about space.

Mission Control, the astronauts and Earth thank you for all your hard work.


 Great mission Space Explorers!


 More sites, activites and games that explore space

 How old would you be if you lived on other planets? The Earth revolves once around the sun in approximately 365 days. This is one 'year' on Earth. Other planets revolve around the sun at a faster or slower rate than Earth, therefore your age would be different. You can find out how old you would be (in Earth years) on the different planets by clicking here.

 How heavy would you be on other planets? Because of the different sizes and masses of the planets, and their different gravitational pull they would have on you, your weight would be different on all the planets.Your weight on the different planets can be found here

You can find out about stars, the sun, black holes & constellations by clicking here. An interactive game on star constellations is here.

You can find out the stories of Aboriginal astronomy at Questacon. Here is some background information on Aboriginal astronomy.

You watch a video on the life of a star by clicking on the youtube video arrow at the bottom on this page.

This is a life of a star animation.

How planets got their name- Fact Monster

Lost in Space: Space Junk

This is ORBIT! A site were you can take flight and orbit Earth, controlling your own Spacecraft.

Space Shuttle Simulator

You can find out about the phases of our Earth's moon by clicking here. An lunar cycle interactive game can be found here.

Make an origami Space Shuttle here.

You can find printable space word games by clicking here.

 The Space Place- a space game site by NASA

NASA Shuttle Virtual Tour

KidSite Website all about space.

A Solar System Simulator can be found by clicking here.

Some Space games can be found here.

The NASA Solar System website can be viewed here.


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